Hard to believe we’re three months in to 2015 already! The past few months have really flown by for me and a lot of changes have happened in my personal life fairly quickly…

  • Split up with Artur
  • Moved out
  • Moved above a commercial premises, albeit temporarily
  • Started dating
  • Went to London on a whim – basically it was 4am and my new partner (Ryan and I) decided to hop on the next National Express bus to London. We went to the National History Museum, The Science Museum, Harrod’s (where we both had, probably, the best sausage rolls ever) and Hamley’s. We’re planning another trip in the new future and want to see Wicked at The West End
  • Got in touch with some old friends again
  • Spending more time with my sister. We’re getting on really well lately. :-)
  • Went to Cotswold Wildlife Park
  • Went out to eat in a few posh restaurants and had a bunch of home cooked meals – new partner (Ryan) is a chef

Because, everything is better with photos, here’s a few of my favourite’s from the last few months:

FB_IMG_1425823705129First meal cooked for me by Ryan

20150130_084732The National History Museum – London

20150130_085930St. Albert’s Hall – London

FB_IMG_1425823696517Harrod’s – London (excuse the blurry phone photo!)

20150214_192346Dessert at The Bear, Cirencester

20150215_134651Penguins – Cotswold Wildlife Park

20150307_163529Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

How is everyone’s 2015 going so far?


Happy New Year!

Hard to believe 2014 will be over soon, it feels like this year has really flown by! Too fast in some places…

I’d like to thank all the people in my life that made this year great! There have been laughs, tears, drunken nights out, weekends away and a bunch of nights in.

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year with many things already planned.

So many new year resolutions to be made and forgotten!!

May this new year be everything you imagined it to be! Have a happy new year, everyone! xoxoxo


I’ve been interested in baking for the past 5 or so years now, I like to think (and have been told) that my techniques, recipes, decorations etc have been getting better over this period.

I think having the right equipment helps a lot! Here’s is a list of MY bakeware essentials and why I find them useful.

1. Cookie cutters

Not just for baking cookies! I’ve found they can also be used for cutting foundant / royal icing for decorations too – it took longer than it probably should have to realise that!

Cookie cutters come in a variety of fun shapes, but to start with a set of round cutters in various sizes (such as Lake land) will come in handy.

Other essentials would be stars, gingerbread men and, for me, hearts.

I have 100s (1000s?) of themed cookie cutters too, e.g. Winnie the Pooh, Doctor Who and Star Wars! It definitely depends on what events/people you’ll be baking for.

2. Loose-bottomed deep tin

For cakes that won’t be layered or ‘sandwiched’, e.g. fruit cakes, a deep tin is best.

I have a couple, one 6″ and one 8″, I tend to use the 8″ most often as that’s what the recipes I’m using recommend.

Having a loose bottom allows for a much easier release.

When it comes to cake tins, I prefer non-stick metal. I’ve tried silicone pans but find the results aren’t as good.

3. Baking sheet

Simply, a flat metal sheet used to bake pastries, biscuits etc. Anything that doesn’t require a mould.

The one I have is non-stick and has a ‘lip’, making it a lot easier to get out of the oven!

4. Loaf tins

Many of my go to recipes recommend a loaf tin, e.g. lemon drizzle cakes. I have two, a 9×12 one and a – neither are non-stick! But I’ve never had any problems with cake sticking to the tins – Both have been handed down to me from family members. Sentimental value. :-)

Loaf tins can come in a range of sizes, there is no ideal shape – it’s up to you to choose one/two (or more) that’ll suit your needs.

5. Hand-held electric mixers

Sometimes I’ll use my hand-held balloon whisk – mostly if I need to mix eggs – but for most things I use my electric mixer.

An electric mixer will save you time and effort, but won’t exercise those arms as much. ;-)

6. Loose-bottomed tart tins

I only have one of these, an 9″ fluted tin and although I don’t use it often, would be lost without it. I use it for tarts, quiches etc – both sweet and savoury.

Like the loose-bottomed cake tins mentioned previously, these also allow for an easy release.

7. Rolling pin

I have three rolling pins! Two are decorative and the other is a more practical wooden one.

There are so many things you’ll use one for, rolling dough for example.

8. Cupcake / Muffin tin

As the name suggests, these are used to cupcakes! But can also be used for a range of make small cakes and pastries.

Considering this is one of the things I use most of the time, I’m surprised I didn’t think of adding it before/earlier on.

9. Cooling rack

They allow heat to escape from all sides of the cake at once. When a cake is left in the tin or on a plate, it can make the cake soggy – speaking from experience!

10. Sandwich tins

I have a couple of 8″ (20cm) ones, both are non-stick and loose-bottomed. This tends to be the most commonly used size.

They’re ideal for filled sponges, such as a Victoria sponge cake.

Besides the bake ware essentials noted above, I also have various ‘specialist’ tins in my cupboard, that I’d recommend:

  1. Bundt tin: Used for making ring cakes – I have two different sizes.
  2. Heart-shaped tin: For Valentine’s Day cakes – I have two in the same size which I used for layer cakes or filled sponges.
  3. Novelty tins: For Birthdays and other special occasions. I have a Dalek, Dinosaur and Car one (to name a few).
  4. Square tin: For brownies
  5. The Lakeland Hemisphere cake tins

Other baking essentials

  • Scales
  • Measuring Spoons / Cups – or both! – I own both. :-)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Fine-mesh Sieve
  • Spatulas
  • Cake Tester