I used to hate pancakes, now I really enjoy them, especially American style pancakes (nom nom). I’m not sure why I changed my opinion! I like mine with chocolate spread usually or yoghurt.

Today was pancake day in the UK (the last Tuesday before lent) and mum treated us to a generous helping of British style pancakes, the recipe is similar to crepes.

I enjoyed mine with Morissons chocolate spread, it was really tasty, goes to show you don’t always need a brand name spread. :-) I also had some honey!

In Poland they had “Pączki Day” (doughnut day) last Thursday, which is a very similar tradition, a feast before fasting through lent.

I usually give up something for lent and more than likely will again this year. Most of my family tend to give up pizza or chocolate but as I’m dairy intolerant I shouldn’t be eating those foods anyway. Depending on the actual dairy or milk content in the food it can affect me in different ways, for example, I can have dark chocolate as there is no or very little milk in it but I can’t drink fresh milk (full fat, skimmed or semi skimmed) – I drink soya milk – also fresh cream is a definite no! The most common reaction I have to dairy is ballooning so much that I look pregnant!

Do you celebrate pancake (or doughnut) day?

Do you give up anything for lent?

Any allergies or intolerances that affect you?


Cirencester bookshop Waterstones opened their new café at the end of January and we visited for a coffee and a cake last weekend. Previously the space had been home to a Costa Coffee which we very rarely visited  (there was already another larger Costa Coffee in the town). We were presently surprised by the new café, the staff were very friendly and helpful.


Speaking with the staff we found out that the café uses local produce from Cirencester’s Whiddetts Bakers and cakes from Chalford’s Lavender Bakehouse.

I had a soya hot chocolate and a millionaire’s shortbread, mum had a black coffee and regular shortbread and dad had a white coffee (the milk was served in a glass milk bottle like we used to have milk served in Primary School) and a flapjack followed by a piece of chocolate and beetroot cake.


Aside from the selection of hot drinks ans cakes the menu also included sandwiches, fresh fruit smoothies, organic yoghurt, smashed avocado on toast and affogato (espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream).

The café itself had a wartime vibe to it both in the decor and crockery used, I found it cute. :-)


We’ll be back again very soon!


I prefer handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day or handmade gifts mixed with some store bought items, such as hampers or gift baskets.


The hamper above was made for Valentine’s Day 2012 and it mostly consisted of novelty items, some chocolates and small items of clothing (socks, boxer shorts etc). As well as a “date night jar” (inspired by: Life in the greenhouse.com) and some love coupons.


For the date night jar I used coloured card to write down date ideas and coloured coded them based on the type of activity and cost, i.e. “free indoors”, “free outdoors”, “inexpensive” and “expensive and/or requires planning”. I also thought of adding to the jar and doing some seasonal ones.


The love coupons pictured are the ones I made in 2010, I also made in a different style in 2012. The coupons contained date nights, massages, pampering etc and some raunchier themes.

For the first year anniversary of my ex partner and I we both decided to make each other a paper themed gift. I created a “365 reasons why I love you” binder, the idea was one reason for each day we’d been together (this was in 2012).


He really liked it and found it very thoughtful. It was very simple to put together; you could also put the reasons in a jar (inspired by: Cutout and Keep ).

I also think home cooked meals are a great idea. :-)


^^^ Yummy cheese fondue
^^^ Heart shaped pizza

You could also bake for your partner, in previous years I’ve made chocolates, cakes, mini cakes, biscuits and cookies.