It’s been a nearly a month since I started my new weight loss / healthy eating journey. I started back at Weight Watchers in the first week of January and had my first weight in where I found out I’d put on half a stone over Christmas!

Since then I’ve been following the Smart Points plan religiously, only going over my daily points allowance twice. Weight Watchers believe in 80:20, i.e. if you’re good 80% of the time you will still have a weight loss but it will take longer to get to your goal.

So far I’ve lost 3lbs in my first week, 1/2lb in my second week (I was expecting more but did notice a loss in inches instead – my clothes fit looser) and I’m on track for another 2lb loss this week. My weight day is a Tuesday evening.
That’s a 5.5lb weight loss in 3 weeks and I’m very happy with that. For me the plan is a lifestyle change as much as it is about losing the weight and my head is in the right place at the moment to make the right food choices. As I said in my goals post, I’m a comfort / stress eater and a lot happened during the Summer and tail end of last year. Things are better now! 🙂

As far as my fitness classes go, I haven’t been to one yet! The first one I had booked for the 9th January got cancelled (by them, not me) and I haven’t found the time to get to the leisure centre yet and book any more. As I have a “pay as you go” membership, I unable to book on-line and need to go to the reception desk to register and pay for the classes. The disadvantage with this is they give priority to pay monthly members. You can only book one week in advance too.

I’ve decided to cut my losses in January and go to my first class on the 6th February.

Although I’ve not been to a fitness class, yet, I have been more active – walking on my lunch break rather than using my car or sitting on my bump at my desk! Once the days start to get lighter again, I plan to walk to work too. It’s too dark in the evenings at the moment to walk home.

Plus I went on a mountain hike and have another one planned for February – Pen Y Fan in South Wales. 🙂

How are your goals going so far?


It was our 2 year dating anniversary yesterday and we took a trip to London for the day to celebrate and to see Wicked at the west end.

I’ve been to London countless times in the past 9 years, mostly for comic con, sight seeing or for a concert. Most of the time I travelled with family or my partner but a few of them I travelled alone.

The first time I travelled alone was to go to The WB Harry Potter set tour with my friend Sarah, I made a mistake when purchasing my tube ticket on that trip and hadn’t bought it for the right zones. London is split up into 6 tube zones, my ticket was for zones 1 and 2 of London but, after meeting up with Sarah, found out I needed to get to zone 6! So that was an unnecessary extra expense to my trip.

I also remember getting lost in Piccaldilly Circus trying to find Waterstones where I was attending a signing and Google Maps wasn’t working. I had looked up how to get there before leaving but had left the map and directions at home. I ended up calling my mum and she directed me using online directions.

I make sure to plan ahead now!

We started off our morning early with a coach trip at 7.05am. I really recommend the National Express coaches for trips around Great Britain (I’m not sure if they cover all of the UK or outside of it – something I’ll have to look into). It takes the worry out of driving and finding somewhere to park when you get there and for London having to worry about congestion charges. If you book early enough you can get good deals on return trips, our tickets cost £20 total.

We arrived at Victoria Coach station and walked the short distance to the tube station. Picked up our tube tickets – we were only heading to one destination so purchased two return tickets to Camden Town – and headed off for some breakfast.

I’d been to Camden Lock Market once before with my friend Sarah but soon realised I hadn’t even seen half of it last time – we never saw the food vendors! We walked up the street towards the lock and were amazed by the buildings, most of them had sculptures hanging from them to draw you in and to give you an idea of what they offered. I took a few photos and one of some street art I liked.

Once we got to the lock and the main market we were surprised at how many food vendors there were offering various foods from around the world, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, the list goes on. We bought breakfast (coffee and a doughnut) from Cross Town Doughnuts and sat down to eat at a bench nearby. The doughnuts were delicious and I’d highly recommend them, but the coffee wasn’t. Pass on the coffee.

There was something for everyone in Camden Market, from hats and tshirts to books, jewellery and trinkets. Apart from the birthday cards and food we didn’t buy anything in Camden Market but there were loads of things I liked including some pretty tea dresses with animals, butterflies and floral prints on them. If there had of been one with penguins printed on it, I would have bought it! I saw a nice one with giraffes on it.

We had a slice of pepperoni pizza each from one of the Italian vendors, I tried some USA style mac n’ cheese from another vendor while Ryan had some tandoori chicken in a wrap. I loved the mac n’ cheese!

We took a short walk around the lock and I took some more photos.

As it happens we could have spent a little longer at Camden Market as we arrived at Victoria tube station at 13.30, so we decided to walk to Buckingham Palace to take some photos and catch some Pokemon  (we both play Pokemon Go)!

Wicked was fantastic, we both really enjoyed it. My favourite songs were Defying Gravity and No Good Deed and I spent the rest of the evening and a lot of today repeating the songs in my head! We’re already planning our next trip to London to see School of Rock.

I bought a Wicked collectors cup. 🙂

After the show we had an hour wait before our coach home so had some tea at the coach station. The time past very quickly and before we knew it we were on the coach and our way home. We had an amazing day. 🙂


Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law came over for tea this evening, to catch up and so Ryan and his brother could watch the Manchester United Vs. Liverpool game together. They both support different teams – Ryan supports Manchester United and his brother supports Liverpool. There was a lot of shouting at the tv and arguements over referee decisions(!), I admit watching them both literally on the edge of their seats was quite funny. The teams drew 1-1.

For tea we made vegetarian bean burritos as both his brother and sister-in-law are vegetarians. It was my first time trying burritos without any meat and they were delicious! Ryan also cooked up a little cajun chicken for me and him to have with ours if we chose to.

For the burritos, you will need.

1 tin of 420g chicken peas, drained

1 tin of 420g kidney beans, drained

1 tin of 420g butter beans, drained 

1 tin of mixed beans, drained

2 tins of 400g chopped tomatoes

1 cup of cold water

Grated cheese to serve

1 packet mix of chilli powder (I used Schwartz hot chilli con carne)

8 whole wheat tortillas


There are two methods you can use to make these, the first is with a slow cooker – my mum bought me mine years ago, brand new, at a table top sale for £5! I love it and we use it frequently- and the second is with a pan.

With a slow cooker

Add the 2 tins of tomatoes and chilli powder to your slow cooker.

Cook on low heat for 2 and 1/2 hours before adding in the beans and chicken peas along with the cup of water. Stir occasionally. 

Continue to cook on low for another 2 and 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally. 

With a pan

If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can use the following, alternate method.

Drain the beans and add to a sauce pan, stir well.

Add the tomatoes and chilli powder mix with a cup of cold water, mix well and leave to simmer. 
The aim is to evaporate most of the water.

Once the chilli mixture is cooked (using one of the above methods), microwave the tortillas on full power for 35-40 seconds or heat in the oven following the pack instructions.

We served ours with the grated cheese and store bought guacamole, salsa and sour cream.