Since moving out of my parents house nearly 2 years ago now, I’ve been trying to cut down on my monthly expenses – budgeting.

Of course there are still the things I have to pay for each month, the non negotiable outgoings, rent, council tax, utilities, insurance, phone, internet, tv subscription, credit card and obviously food, but anything else I’m trying to cut back on.

Here’s what I’ve been trying so far:

  • Making & baking: Instead of paying for things such as cakes, cookies, pizza etc – basically anything that can be easily made at home – I’ve been making/baking it myself.
  • Returning unwanted purchases! Practically all purchases you make, besides maybe Ebay auctions, will be returnable within a certain period. Why keep something that you’re not going to wear/use?
  • Selling my old stuff: Not necessarily on Ebay, as you end up paying more in charges than you actually earn in some cases, though I have done on occasion, but more like car boot sales and Facebook selling. There’s no “seller fees”, except paying for you car to be that, at a car boot and you save on postage.
  • Shopping in cheaper supermarkets: Most of our food shopping is done in Tescos, but for some staple foods we also shop in Lidl, who also often have our washing machine liquid at half the price.
  • Giving up brand names: A lot of the food we buy is now whichever stores own brand.
  • Stop comfort shopping! I have a habit lately, if I’ve had a bad day/week or am stressed out – I shop! It used to be comfort eating.
  • I generally only go clothes shopping when clothes I have are too big or damaged beyond repair.
  • We use comparison websites every year when renewing home and car insurances.
  • Stop buying a bottle of drink on my lunch break at work! Instead take a bottle of water (we have a Brita filter at home) or bottles of squash.

I’ve also been frequenting Money Saving Expert and the forums on there.

Anyone have any other budgeting tips/ideas?

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