Gifts for penguin lovers

Anyone who knows me will know thay I love penguins, they’re my favourite animal and I’m always greatful for penguin themed gifts this time of year (or anytime of year really 😉 ). Here are some ideas for the penguin lover in your life, I’d love any of these myself (family take note!). Penguin bath bomb set Penguin shower gel Penguin hottie or hot water bottle Penguin jewellery, like the bangle below. Penguin Ice / Chocolate Mould Penguin Scarf, Gloves, Hat Top Trumps Penguins Penguin Kitchen Timer Penguin socks Penguin calendar or diary Penguin feed experience Many zoos and safari Read More…


Gifts for Bakers

Ever struggle with what to get for the baker in your life? If they’re anything like me they probably already have just about every baking related thing ever invented – OK, that’s an exaggeration, but, still it can be difficult buying gifts for bakers. How about a hamper full of stocking fillers like baking supplies, equipment etc? I’d be happy to receive something like this and often ask for flavourings or piping nozzles in my stocking. I’ve included the more unusual / novelty items in this list and tried to cater to all budgets. Personalised Wooden Cupcake Spoon £8.50 Ferris Read More…


Make your own dream catcher

Sorry for the lack of pictures – I forgot to take any. 🙁 To make your own dream catcher you will need: 2 colours of medium or heavy metallic-braid embroidery floss 30 cm (12 in.) metal hoop pony beads a shaped bead (heart, dog, flower, etc) colourful feathers ruler, scissors, glue Instructions Tightly tie one end of one colour of floss to the hoop, leaving a 20 cm (8 inch) tail. Wrap the floss all the way around the hoop, leaving 1 cm (1/2 inch) spaces. Tie the floss tightly to the first knot. Knot one end of the other Read More…


Recycled Christmas cards into tags

What do you do with your Christmas cards once the holidays are over? Bin them? Store them? Why not reuse them! Mum and I have been taking old Christmas cards and making tags from them for years, it’s fun and something a bit different to store bought tags. You Will Need Greeting Card(s) Pinking Shears Embellishment(s) Glitter Method Sort through your old Christmas cards, you could also use Birthday cards. Choose ones with a nice image, pattern or design. Cut out the image so it’s small enough to be used as a tag – I used pinking shears. Add on Read More…


Hama bead creations

My friend’s birthday was at the end of April, we went to London to see Once the Musical and ate out at Carluccio’s. It was a really good couple of days. For her present I made her a couple of hama bead creations and bought her a photo shoot ticket for Hallowhedon later this year as well as some of her favourite chocolates. She’s a Buffy fan so I made the Buffy ‘B’ and a small rainbow heart. The latter took about 5 minutes but the Buffy ‘B’ took over an hour!


Up cycled jewellery

I’ve been busy lately, we had a bunch of broken pegs and a load of ring pulls lying around the house. I decided to up cycled them into a couple of bracelets. Peg bracelet with beads It’s quite tricky to pull the pegs open to add the beads and to fit them together, so be patient. I made mine so I could slip it on and off without undoing the pegs. Excuse the rubbish phone photo! Ring pull bracelet Really simple to make, but, it may take some time to collect enough ring pulls! Wrap cord around your wrist and Read More…