Deciding which Christmas movie to watch first

In our house we can never decide which Christmas movie to watch and often discussions get quite heated! It’s silly really. This year we decided to let fate decide and put the name of every Christmas movie we enjoy on a piece of card, folded it up and placed it in a little stocking that […]

Monthly budget and finance recording

We reviewed our finances recently and set ourselves a monthly budget; my aim is to be debt free (student loan, credit cards) in 12 – 19 months and we’ve talked about starting to save for a house deposit afterwards. I’ve previously spoken about some of the things I do to help budget (see my food […]

DVD Organisation

I’m a DVD/Blu Ray collector. I like to own physical media over electronic copies of anything, including books and music. However, my growing collection has taken over the living room. Here’s one of our bookcases – the tidiest one! Problem is, even though our bookcases are generally tidy. I can never find the DVD or […]