Favourite Bloggers 2011

Over time I’ve started following less and less blogs feeds and more feeds for more general websites – quite a few fan sites of things I’m interested in. So, here’s a few (four!) I’ve picked out at random (using the old technique of closing your eyes and pointing lol):

(If you have any blogs/websites you think I’d like – please share!)

Rock Witch
Rock Witch is the personal website of Swedish girl Karin, she’s very artistic – love her work, is into metal – I like reading her entries on the Swedish Rock Festival and has a couple of pets – her snake has goregous colouring.

Why do I follow Rock Witch? I love the way she writes, I love her artwork, especially her pixel art, I love Sweden and like her blog entries about the country (Entries tagged Sweden) and she has a lot of stunning/unique themes – such a talent – rather jealous lol.

Lirae is the personal website of Carlee, nicknamed Lirae , she’s from the UK, has a boyfriend, loves piercings – and makes it all interesting when she blogs about it.

Why do I follow Lirae? I’ve followed Lirae since my doll making days (she still has all her doll makers – if your into that sort of thing – I admit that I may still use them on occasion!) and have always admired her website(s) – that hasn’t changed. She writes interesting entries about the everyday stuff in her life, I especially like her shopping posts!

Buffy Fest
Buffy Fest is a fansite, or rather blog, dedicated to the works of Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog etc).

Why do I follow Buffy Fest? Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan – the man is God (I’m joking… Probably), so it makes sense I’d follow a fan site… But why this one? It’s updated constantly, has info you may not find elsewhere and offer unique Whedon related shopping items for you in their posts – If your a Whedon fan, check them out.

Another fan site! This time for all things Doctor Who (mostly “New Who”).

Why do I follow WhovianNet? Mostly to keep up to date with what’s going on in the Who world – and they cover everything on their website! They also offer a lot for fans other than news – love they’re event reports and Extra Stuff sections – would keep you busy for hours if you looked through it all.

There are lots more I could mention but I’ll save that for another day perhaps, I’d like to know what interesting/unique websites you follow.

Kim x

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