Got to Gold – Weight Watchers

I’ve been away a lot – travelling mostly and going to VW shows. So, I’d not been to a weight watchers meeting in 5 weeks. Tuesday was my first weigh-in since beginning of August.

I went there expecting one award (my 4th silver seven, which you get for every 7 pounds you loose) – which I got but what I didn’t except (although hoped for) was to get GOLD! Gold is the term used when you reach your goal weight with weight watchers and Tuesday night that’s exactly what happened. 🙂

Now I’ve got to gold, I get a certificate, mini gold key and free membership (not that I have to pay any more as I’m a paid helper for my meeting). It also means I only need to go 5 times a year and as long as I keep with 5 pounds either side of my goal weight have free life time membership.

I’m very happy to have reached gold! I feel healthier, look healthier and feel better all round. 🙂