Gothenburg – Sweden

I know, I’m a bit useful with updates! We had a very busy Christmas period, it flew by so fast and I can’t believe it’s April already!

Mark and I have just gotten back from a trip to Gothenburg in Sweden! We went there primarily so he could enter a UFS trading card game tournament, but also for some sight seeing. This was our first trip abroad together and my first time flying without my parents, actually it was only my second time flying!

The hotel lobby

We stayed in a beautiful hotel in the centre of Gothenburg and a short distance to the venue the tournament was being held. The tournament was part of “Goth-con“, where many card games were being played. I bought two boxes of the Buffy trading card game. 🙂

Mark did very well in the tournament – he came first!! We’ve been invited back again next year so he can try and keep his title.

In between tournaments, we walked through Gothenburg and stumbled upon a bookshop called “Science Fiction Bokhandeln“, it sold many books and lots of geeky memorabilia, I was in my element!!

We also went to an aquarium called “Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet“, where we saw an anaconda, among other sea life and reptiles.


We’ll definitely be going back again this time next year!

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