Hallowhedon 2 – party themes and cosplay

Another year, another huge gap between blog posts! 😉

In my last post I talked about attending London Film and Comic which was amazing! It was bigger than any of the conventions I’ve been to so far.

I met loads of guests from TV and movies and spent quite a bit in the dealers room. I think I’ve found a new hobby and have a few more conventions planned this year: Another Eternal Twilight, Memorabilia Winter and, of course Hallowhedon 2 (a Buffy / Angel / Firefly convention).

The party themes for Hallowhedon 2 were recently been announced, Friday night is a Buffy initiative theme and Saturday night is a Halloween party.

So, Initiative theme… Army girl? Scientist? Demon? Choices, choices… Suggestions are encouraged!

For the Halloween party I’ve decided to cosplay as Kaylee Frye from Joss Whedon’s Firefly. My costume is going well and I’ve found all the patches I want to put on my overalls except one – Kaylee’s bear patch.

I’ve found a lot of USA sellers for the elusive bear patch but none in the UK, and I don’t want to risk getting slapped with customs charges for $6.00, I’ll keep looking for now. I have time!

Any suggestions for bear patches like the one in the link would be great! 🙂

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