Joining Weight Watchers

In my last post I talked about the goals I set in 2012 and how I was getting on with them. One thing I forgot to mention, was I set other goals via Facebook – my partner’s sister set a 2012 challenge to better yourself and one of my goals was to reach my goal weight.

I joined weight watchers at the end of January so it’s still fairly new to me. At the moment I’m losing consistently and lost 4lbs in my first week! I’m told this is normal as your body gets used to the smaller portion size and healthier diet. Although I’ve set a goal weight, I haven’t yet decided when I would like to be there. This year would be great and is definitely achievable if I stay on track and follow the plan.

My mum is also a weight watchers member and convinced me to go along to a meeting with her, not to join, just to listen to the leader and see how I felt afterwards. I joined the next week! One of my main “non scale” goals with joining weight watchers is to eat healthier and be more active.

Another story which helped my decision to join weight watchers was Carolynne of Just-Like-Magic, I’ve been following her weight loss story as she posts on her blog.

Kim x

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