Luna Cinema presents Back to the Future

Drive-in or outdoor movie screenings aren’t common in the UK, I wish they were! I have never been to one (well, until now that is). I’ve only heard of one company that offers outdoor movie screenings and that’s
Lunar Cinema.

Lunar Cinema
screen movies across the UK using pop up cinemas, so they’re not solely in one location and this weekend they were showing two movies near us. Grease on Saturday evening and Back to the Future on Sunday evening.

Ryan and I are fans of Back to the Future so booked tickets as soon as they were available online for the outdoor screening. There’s also the opportunity to buy blankets and back rests as well as pre order food and drink online but they also encourage you to bring your own blankets or picnic chairs to sit on and you can bring your own food and drink (all drinks must be consumed in plastic cups for health and safety reasons). We decided to bring our own and packed a picnic for the evening.

As well as a picnic we packed a couple of lidded cinema cups, blankets, picnic chairs and my penguin print power bank (portable electronic charger).

While waiting for movie to start the organisers had a game of “pass the parcel”, where we chucked around two large plush doughnuts around to music and when the music stopped the person or people holding the doughnuts won a prize. I managed to catch one when music stopped and won some fudge. 🙂 

There was also a Twitter selfie competition to win V.I.P. seating on a bed with a free mini bar! We didn’t win which was just as well as the bed looked too comfy we may have fallen asleep in it! Lol.

The whole experience was great, we loved the atmosphere and watching a film under the stars and will definitely be looking at going to another Luna Cinema screening in the future. We had a lot of fun at this one.

I’m hoping they do a screening of Grease near us again as some of us were singing along to Johnny be good at the Back to the Future screening, so a Grease sing-a-long would be great. Or I’d love to see Jurassic Park. 

Next time we’re packing hats, gloves and a blanket for the ground as our feet began to get damp from the dew on the grass, just in case. I’ll probably also pack a Summer scarf.