Marking Old Posts

So, I decided to import my previous Fanupdate posts to WordPress – due to a number of reasons, the main one being I like having a record of my blogging history. It’s like keeping old journals, something to look back on and read how you’ve grown and changed. 🙂

While going through my pages, I’ve been reading some of them – it’s funny some of the random things I used to write about. I also noticed while going through Fanupdate that it had learnt a bunch of my regular commenter’s as spam! :/

I’ve now un-marked them as spam and approved them! – Looks like quite a few of the comments were submitted multiple times – hopefully this won’t happen with WordPress!

On the subject of old posts: I’ve noted on these old pages that they are “imported from a previous blogging system” and after having read Jem’s post on ‘Jem on WordPress’, I’ve implemented the code outlined in her tutorial to flag up content posted on my blog that is more than 1 year old may no longer be accurate or reflect who I am now, my views, opinions etc.

To date I have written hundreds blog entries since 2006 – not a lot compared to most, but there were also 2 years of entries before that which are now lost – from my “doll/pixel site” days – I’m talking about “The Palace” dolls (which apparently still exists!).

Anyone else have any old, perhaps embarrassing websites/habits from their past?


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