New Theme – Spring/Summer time with photos

I felt like a change, the previous theme was more of an Autumn theme and although I liked it, enjoyed playing around with it and it took blooming ages to get it just right (still never as perfect as I’d have liked), I always felt it was a bit too “artsy” for me and rather busy. Artur agreed.

There was a lot going on with the previous theme.

This one on the other hand is quieter and has elements of the previous theme – I’ve developed a thing for polaroid style photos in headers (or in this case near headers haha). 🙂 The photos on this one should change with each refresh of the page, or when a new page is accessed. All are outdoors-ey pictures and taken by Artur (used with permission) or I.

There’s still a few things I’m fixing/tweaking – colour scheme for links, tables, forms etc, images in the polaroid, information in a post, e.g. Author, date, category, tag, styling and widgets in the sidebar etc.

I whipped it up in between searching for cheap hotels in London for a trip there in April, I’m taking my mum to see Meat Loaf at the 02 arena for an early birthday present. 🙂

Let me know if you experience any bugs, compatibility issues etc. I’d love to hear any feedback. 🙂

Kim 🙂

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