Online skeletons in my closet/computer

I’ve been going through my old files on my laptop lately as well as those on my ftp server and I’ve really accumulated a lot of, well, “junk” over the years! Haha!

There are “palace dolls(z)”, various Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel wallpapers/”blends”, old graphics, i.e. pixels, “scribbles, “quotes” all reminiscent from when I owned a “dollie” site and also from my old Buffy the Vampire Slayer website that was once hosted on Geocities – good times. 🙂

I also found some files in Notepad, notes in fact, on blog ideas, unfinished blog posts etc. Here’s a snippet of a few for entertainment:

“I’ve been a user of Fanupdate for a number of years now, having switched from Cutenews due to the well known security flaws that script has, but have decided to make the switch to WordPress. Technically, I already have. 😉

So, why the switch?”

Then I go on into a post about why I now love WordPress and compare it’s blog features to that of Fanupdate. To be honest I’m not sure why it didn’t get published, probably not a worthy read or that I forgot!

Here’s another snippet:

“I love to travel, not that I get to often – money, work, not enough time – blah blah excuses excuses, albeit valid ones! I am travelling less than I’d like to, but a lot more than I used to (mostly UK travelling 🙂 ). I’ve decided to document my travels through my blog – expect pictures, videos(?) and a nifty “I went there and this is the way I went” map, courteousy of *insert plugin name here*”.

I do still to blog about my travels, again I use the work/time excuse 😉 but real life is getting in the way of my online shenanigans at the moment! There is a plugin I found for the map I plan to implement: ‘Travelmap‘, so far I’ve gotten as far as installing the plugin!

Other posts consisted of titles like: “Looking for our dream house”, “Grand Designs: What would I do” and “Room re-design”, all of which may one day see the light of day. 🙂

So, I’m curious, does anyone else have any skeletons in their online closes they fancy sharing? Unfinished blog entries? Cringe worthy graphics?


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