Pancake Day

I used to hate pancakes, now I really enjoy them, especially American style pancakes (nom nom). I’m not sure why I changed my opinion! I like mine with chocolate spread usually or yoghurt.

Today was pancake day in the UK (the last Tuesday before lent) and mum treated us to a generous helping of British style pancakes, the recipe is similar to crepes.

I enjoyed mine with Morissons chocolate spread, it was really tasty, goes to show you don’t always need a brand name spread. 🙂 I also had some honey!

In Poland they had “Pączki Day” (doughnut day) last Thursday, which is a very similar tradition, a feast before fasting through lent.

I usually give up something for lent and more than likely will again this year. Most of my family tend to give up pizza or chocolate but as I’m dairy intolerant I shouldn’t be eating those foods anyway. Depending on the actual dairy or milk content in the food it can affect me in different ways, for example, I can have dark chocolate as there is no or very little milk in it but I can’t drink fresh milk (full fat, skimmed or semi skimmed) – I drink soya milk – also fresh cream is a definite no! The most common reaction I have to dairy is ballooning so much that I look pregnant!

Do you celebrate pancake (or doughnut) day?

Do you give up anything for lent?

Any allergies or intolerances that affect you?