R.I.P. Hermy, my Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

For those that don’t know we have a few exotic pets in our family – Great African land snails and a female Chilean Rose Hair tarantula. Her name is Hermy and she has been part of the family since 2008.

Sadly, Hermy died this week. πŸ™

Now I realise a lot of people hate spiders, but Hermy was my pet. I was attached to her like any person is to their pet; like a cat owner to their cat or a dog owner to their dog.

I enjoyed watching Hermy crawl up the sides of her enclosure and back down, and to watch her at work spinning webs.

Tarantulas, like other aninals with an exoskeleton, shed their skin (known as a molt). During this time they are very vulnerable and exposed; deaths from a bad molt are common and that’s what happened to Hermy.

Hermy got her legs stuck and was unable to free herself from the old skin. A few days later she began to move around the enclosure with part of her molt still attached to her legs. She became very lethargic. I’m surprised she was able to hang on as long as she did.

Although we tried to carefully remove the remainder of the molt from Hermy, using suggestions from the Tarantula Boards forum, she died a few days later. πŸ™ I’m very upset.

Dad suggested we bury her in the front garden and I picked up a spider garden ornament to use as a marker. She’s going to be near the pine tree.

πŸ•ΈπŸ•· R.I.P. Hermy πŸ•·πŸ•Έ
You’ll be missed.

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