Finding lost content with PHPMyAdmin – I’m back!

It took a few months, but my website is finally re-populated! There may be a few broken images/links as I haven’t had the opportunity to go through and check every page yet. I waned to get the main content back online first.

How’d I do it?

  1. Asked my host for a copy of my previous WordPress databsase adding to MySQL and for a fresh WordPress installation. I couldn’t access my CPanel or FTP server.
  2. Through PHPMyAdmin, I exported my previous WordPress database, for both posts and comments on to my computer and then imported them into the new database.
  3. I manually added each old post/page into the new database through PHPMyAdmin, there are a few things I need to like add hierarchy to my pages and categories/tags to my posts as these were not stored. However, in my previous post regarding Categories Vs Tags, I wrote about sorting through them, so now is a as good a time as any!
  4. Comments fom the old database, will take a bit longer to add over. Unless I read each comment individually there is no way – that I can see – to indicate which post they belong too. So, it will be a very time consuming exercise!.
  5. P.S. My drafts were also saved, so I have a few blog posts to come. 🙂

If anyone with experience using PHPMYAdmin, has an easier way to add my comments to the new database – please share! Thanks. 🙂

Besides trying to get my website back up and running, I have been spending A LOT (too much?) of my online time on Pinterest! 😉

Kim x

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