Secret Ghoul 2018

Happy Halloween! 🎃 Tonight I’ll be donning some vampire fangs and getting through as many horror movies as possible. 😉 Until then I’d like to talk about Secret Ghoul, a Halloween themed “Secret Santa” and the brain child of Britt from Alternatively Speaking.

I simply love the concept – Halloween is my favourite holiday afterall – and enjoyed picking out gifts for my Secret Ghoul over the past few weeks. You can catch other bloggers opening their Secret Ghoul gifts over on Twitter with the #SecretGhoul tag.

My Secret Ghoul gifts

My Secret Ghoul package arrived Saturday morning from Helen at Teainthetub. I was excited to open the parcel and loved all the items she picked out for me. The hand written note was a lovely touch. 😊

The first parcel was a little rectangular one with some cute Halloween designed earrings inside. I’m going to have fun wearing them and popped the pumpkin ones in today.

The smell of the next parcel had me immediately thinking ‘bath bomb’ and was thrilled to find out Helen had gotten me a Lush product! I love Lush and haven’t had chance to try out much of this year’s Halloween range yet. The Lush Eyeball smells amazing and I can’t wait to use it.

Last but not least is this Caramel Pumpkin reed diffuser! It smells delicious and I’ll be using it throughout the rest of the Autumn season.

Huge thanks to Helen for my gifts and to Britt for putting the Secret Ghoul together. I really hope it becomes an annual thing. 🎃

What do you think of Secret Ghoul? Will you be signing up next year?

5 thoughts on “Secret Ghoul 2018

  1. This is such a fun idea! You got so many lovely and thoughtful gifts from Helen. Those earrings are so fun and cute, the Caramel Pumpkin reed diffuser sounds amaaaazing and yay for baths! Thanks for sharing all your goodies Kim, hope you had an enjoyable Halloween <3 xx

    Bexa |

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