The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

I’m back. I took a break due to mental health issues, I’ll be doing a couple of posts in the future on it and my experiences. Blogging is something really enjoy and want to get back to it regularly.

As it’s National Marine week, I thought I’d talk about a charity I’ve been supporting for some time. The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

I’ve been a member of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and have donated to them montly for 11 years now, having joined them in 2007. This was after a lenghty they chat with another member at a pop up stall at our local Homebase (DIY store) I was interested by what he said and how the charity helps locally wildlife including a nature reserve near my parents home. To protect the local wildlife and fauna there.

The Gloucestershire Wildlife trust
Trust works throughout the county to provide wildlife knowledge and expertise, from ecological consultancy to wildlife advice.

I live in a beautiful part of the country, the Cotswolds and think it’s important to keep it looking as lovely and vibrant as it currently is.

National Marine Week is The Wildlife Trusts’ nationwide celebration of all things marine. During this time, Wildlife Trusts all around the UK put on wide range of events and activities, including inland. I’m hoping to go to a few of there events over the Summer… dolphin watching in Yorkshire anyone?

What charities do you support? Are you a member of your local wildlife trust?

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