Wardrobe Revamp

Since organising my wardrobe recently and compiling a list of things to buy (hello wardrobe revamp) – mainly replacement items for things that were too big – I’ve been reading a lot online, mostly via Pinterest (can’t get enough of that website!) about minimalistic wardrobes (or ‘capsule’ wardrobes). The idea being that you have a few staple pieces of clothing and accessories that are easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe or that these staples are your entire wardrobe.

The idea is that you’ll never again go to your wardrobe/closet and think “I have nothing to wear!”. It’s about quality over quantity.

I hadn’t thought about it much, but my clothes shopping list from my Organising my Wardrobe(s) and Clothes Shopping on a Budget posts seems to follow the minimalistic wardrobes ‘formula’.

I have my neutrals: primarily black and grey, I also have pieces that go easily with these neutrals. I seem to have a lot of blues, purples, light reds and darker pinks. So, you can say I have a colour palette of sorts too. Though it’s really just colours I like.

There are many staple/capsule wardrobe lists floating around the internet, some with 100(!) pieces of clothing that are ‘key’ to starting or completing your wardrobe. E.g. Dark wash jeans, blazer, white button down shirt etc. But I’ve noticed a lot thst these lists don’t account for life style or personal taste. They are good for starting off on a wardrobe revamp as a guide, however.

I do recommend Putting Me Togethers’s Wardrobe from Scratch series , if you’re looking for a list.

Any thoughts on this? Do you have a minimalistic/capsule wardrobe? Unknowingly?