What to do with travel guides, pamphlets and brochures

If you’re like me you have dozens of travel guides, pamphlets and brochures cluttering up your house… Here’s some of mine…


I’ve been storing them in a magazine rack with my small but growing collection of vinyls. I didn’t want to part with them as I do intend to visit all the places advertised in them at some point but I wanted them tidier and more easily accessible.

My solution? I added them to my ‘Places to Visit‘ board on Pinterest and recycled the physical ones.

Simple, yes, but very effective and I feel much more organised.

I also debated adding them to Word documents, pdfs or simply photos of them each kept on my laptop.

If they’re places you’ve already visited you could add them to a scrap book or photo album(s).

Any other suggestions or am the only one holding on to these things? 😉