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While browsing images and ‘re-searching’ my previous entry (Grand Designs – What would I do?) I stumbled upon a website called: Apartment Geeks.

Apartment Geeks is a website full of tip and tricks for organising, designing etc your apartment – the focus seems to be on smaller apartments. The website covers designs, gadgets, food, DIY, fitness, plants, being eco-friendly and furniture.

I don’t live in an apartment personally, but enjoyed looking around the website and liked the ideas they had.

Here are a couple of my favourite entries/ideas from the website:

A guide to organising your wardrobe

I found this image both fun and informative – I think I’ll be using some of these tips, especially the one relating to shoes.

A guide to organising your wardrobe – An infographic by the team at Apartment Geeks

Beautifully Simple Bookmark Table For Bookworms

I really like this idea! A bookcase that’s also a bookmark 🙂
Designed by Polish designer: Pawel Grobelny – Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link anywhere to find out how much it actually costs.


It’s enjoyable when you find new websites out of the blue 🙂

Kim x

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