Loving Pinterest!

Firstly, how have I only recently started using Pinterest?
Secondly, I may have become ever so slightly addicted to it!

What is Pinterest

For those that don’t know, there maybe some, as I sure didn’t know about it until recently – Or rather I’d never bothered to click on it or any links until recently – Pinterest is a website where you can compile all the great things you find online, e.g. craft ideas, fashion, home improvements – you name it. Previously, I was bookmarking or printing recipes, now I don’t have too, though I still am in part. There’s always that risk that if I don’t print something off, I’ll go back to it only to be presented with a 404 (page not found) error!

Pinterest saves all of your “pins” on your account so that you can access them easily. You can also follow your friends, re-pin their pins or browse the millions of pins that have already been added by others. Lately, I’ve been frequenting the home improvement and fashion pins. It’s like an online “pin board”/notice board.

To use it, you can either create a Pinterest account or log in by Facebook or Twitter.

What can I pin?

Anything! 😀 (Well, within reason, I wouldn’t expect anything explicit on Pinterest lol!) – That’s the thing I like about it, I can pin whatever I want and can go back to it easily if I want to refer to it. There is also a Pinterest app for my phone – Shiny – so I’m also “pinning” on the go. 🙂

Sounds great, how do I start?!

Go to the Pinterest website and either create an account, I had heard you need a friend to invite you, but this wasn’t an issue for me and never come up(!?) or log in with Facebook / Twitter. Simples! 🙂

Anyone else loving Pinterest? What kind of things do you “pin”? – Yes, I’m really late on the Pinterest bandwagon 😉

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