Body Modifications

Now personally I am a big fan of both piercings and tattoos, although not all,
in my opinion on the wrong person some piercings/tattoos can look really bad.

My Piercings…

♥ Left Ear Rim/Helix pierced with a needle, with a BCR through it. (Age 16)
♥ Left Ear Tragus pierced with a needle, with a BCR through it. (Age 17)

♥ Left Ear Lobes x2 both pierced with a piercing “gun”. They had studs in them when they were first pierced. (Front holes age 6 and second holes aged 14)

Left Ear Piercings

♥ Right Ear Lobes x2 (same as left ear lobes)

Right Ear Piercings

My Tattoo(s)…

♥ Lower Back (aged 18)


Read about my tattoo experience.

Possible future piercings/tattoos

I will probably get more piercings/tattoos in the future and already have some ideas in mind. These are my anti-tragus (left ear) and lobes a third time (both ears). I also like the idea of a tattoo on my right wrist (e.g. the Stargate point of origin symbol for Earth) and Serenity on my left hip or foot.

Here are some of my other tattoo ideas…

  • Stargate symbol for Earth
    • Possible placement: Right wrist
  • Serenity (ship from Firefly) /
    • Possible placement: Left foot, upper back or left hip
  • Tribal look penguin
    • Possible placement: Left or right foot, left wrist or right shoulder blade
  • Semi colon heart or butterfly
    • Left wrist
  • Velociraptor
    • Possible placement: Left or right ankle

You can see more of my future tattoo ideas on my ‘Tattoos’ board on Pinterest.

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