Bake Ware Organisation – The “Supply” Cupboard

I made the decision to go through my bake ware cupboard(s) – I have one home to various moulds, pans, nozzles etc, my “tools” and one for the ingredients and a mass amount of sprinkles! – First: This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through it. Last time, I finished having a bag full of “tools” that I had never used for donating. But, even after doing that, my bake ware cupboard(s) still have a nasty habit of getting disorganised very quickly.

Here’s what they looked like before I started :-



How can I find what I’m looking for with them looking like that? Notice, that there are no mixing bowls or rolling pins – these are stored with our pots/pans and other utensils respectively.

I must note that as we live in a rented property, I can’t add or take away anything permanent from the cupboard(s), so anything like bolting storage to the doors for example is out of the question. Also, I wanted to do this without incurring any unnecessary costs.

I decided to start with my “ingredients/supplies” cupboard. I took out everything from the cupboard and laid it all out across the kitchen work tops, so I could see what I have and to sort through it.



I got rid of:-

  • Out of date bits
  • Bits that were empty(!)

I sorted by:-

  • Sprinkles
  • Chocolates
  • Iced decorations
  • Flours
  • Icing
  • Food Colouring & Extracts/Essences
  • Other, e.g. Edible spray, cake release


I did bin quite a bit! It’s not prefect yet, but definitely tidier and I can see what I have and get to each item easily. 🙂

Next up, tackling the “equipment” cupboard! Which, I think is going to take longer (the above took a little under an hour to sort through).

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