Cologne and the Rise N’ Shine convention 

My first convention abroad, my first trip abroad with friends, my first time exploring a city alone. Hello Cologne!

Cologne itself is a very beautiful city, the cathedral, the dock lands, the gardens, the fountains! I was only there a short time but I fell in love with this city.

I went to Cologne with my friend Sarah for the Rise N’ Shine convention which was a reunion of the cast for US show Queer as Folk. They had all the main cast attending except Gale Harold who had to pull out last minute, but everyone still received an autograph from him posted by the convention organisers. Except me. I never received mine even after emailing them tonfollow up. Very bad customer service. I do have a lovely signed canvas I had signed at the convention though! 😀  One day I’ll have it signed by Gale too.

The convention itself was poorly organised overall even with Sarah giving them pointers, we’ve both done a bunch of conventions in the UK and the organisers asked for her help with ideas for the convention and the help organise it which she did very well. They took her ideas on board, e.g. meet and greets with the guests but the organisers implemented things badly. Such a shame.

I actually had my first anxiety attack at this convention due to the severe overcrowding and severe lack of patience from some other attendees – there was a lot of pushing and shoving in a very small space. I also caught a bad cold and mild laryngitis!! I think the latter may have come from trying to do to many things at once, a trip to Poland then a convention in the UK then a trip to Germany. I was run down and tired out. Maybe I should have rested more in between.

The trip wasn’t all bad though, I promise! I really enjoyed sight seeing with my friends both old and new and getting to interview Michelle Clunie with Sarah was the best part of the whole convention. We also enjoyed Cologne’s night life and ended up in a gay club!

Huge thanks to Sarah for convincing me to go on this adventure with her.

Here’s to many more!! 🙂

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