Date Ideas

As Valentine’s Day is next month I thought I’d share my list of date ideas with you. There’s also a .pdf checklist for you to save at the end of this post. 🙂

Date ideas.

Trip to a car boot sale.
Go to the cinema and see the next film.
Game or two of bowing.
Play 20 Questions.
Go hiking or for a long walk.
Go to a museum.
Take a class together and earn something new.
Teach each other about your hobby
Go to an art gallery.
Go to a theme park.
Take a tour of each other’s childhood home.
Take a tour around a local town or city.
Go to an event at a local school, college, university.
Go rock or wall climbing.
Have a video game night.
Have a board game night.
Go for breakfast.
Play a card game.
Take a hot air balloon ride.
Go to a club.
Have a snowball or water fight.

Take on a fun home project together.

Drive-in movie night in your car.
Carve a pumpkin
Save the pumpkin seeds and bake with them.
Hop on a bus to a local town/city and explore.
Re-watch the first movie you saw together.
Have dinner in the garden.
Read together or to each other.
Put a blanket out & have a picnic in front of the TV.
Candlelight dinner.
Go to a coffee shop.
Watch a sports game and eat stadium food.
Go to the theatre.
Do volunteer work together.
Work out together.
Build something together.
Watch a film in IMAX.
Pant something.
Do something that expresses your culture.
Go camping.
Cook a meal together.
Hotel stay for the night/weekend.

Go to a bed and breakfast.

Window shop for houses.
Fondue night – Chocolate? Cheese?
Go swimming.
Pool/Snooker night.
Paris themed night: Baguette, Wine & Cheese.
Italian themed night: Pizza, Wine & Bread Sticks.
Mexican themed night: Tequila, Tortillas & Salsa.
Go snorkelling.
Go people watching.
Play Frisbee.
Build Sandcasts/Snowmen.
Lie in the grass & find shapes in the clouds.
Go for a Bike Ride.
Explore a local park.
Go to a zoo.
Take a walk around a lake.
Restaurant hop (1 pace for each course).
Go to a planetarium.
Go stargazing.
Watch the Sunrise/Sunset.
Pub quiz night at your local.

Go to mini golf.

Date Ideas
Click to download as a .pdf


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