Desk drawer essentials

Banging headache? Broken a nail? Had tuna fish for lunch? Enter the workplace “toolkit”, a handful of bits and bobs – desk drawer essentials – that will help you tackle those everyday annoyances at the office. Enabling you to tackle your day but also help out your colleagues as well.

Call me over prepared but I’d rather have these items sitting in my desk drawer than not having them when these instances happen, and believe me, they do happen!


Headaches, cramps, body aches. Enough said.

Hand Sanitizer

Offices are the breeding ground for germs – you’ll thank yourself for being prepared when cold and flu season comes around.


For freshening up on those hot Summer days or after a long walk during lunch… Or maybe you were running late and forgot to put some on before you left the house? Just me?

Hair ties / bobbles / clips

When you need to get down to business and your hair won’t stay out of your face or those hotter days in the office.


Your colleagues will thank you for offering them one if they have a tickly throat and of course you can suck on them yourself. Win. Win.

Nail file

Breaking a nail (or several) typing is a thing and a quick brush with a nail file stops me picking at it throughout the day.


You may be lucky enough that your office has free tea and coffee facilities but if they don’t or you prefer a certain brand. Keep some in your drawer. There’s a red berry tea by Morissons that I love to drink in the Winter months.

Sanitary products

You probably have these stashed just about everywhere – in your bag? In your car? But they’re always good to have nearby just in case.

Non-perishable snacks

Being “hangry” is a thing. I’ll usually munch on a packet of crisps or pretzels around 3pm. A quick, pick me up, afternoon snack.

POLO® sharing pots*

Remember that tuna dish you had for lunch? Freshen up your breath with some mints. My favourite are POLO®! I used to love snacking on a packet of Polos growing up, trying to make the hole big enough to get the tip of my tongue to fit through. It never worked! But I enjoyed eating them.

So when I heard POLO® now make sharing pots, I jumped at the chance to try them! They are better than a packet as they can be resealed and great for sharing around the office. They’re currently available in Sugar Free and Sugar Free Extra Strong flavours, contain less calories than regular Polos and are kind to your teeth (having been accredited by the Oral Health Foundation). What’s not to love?

Are you a fan of POLO®? What other essentials do you keep in your office desk drawer? Let me know in the comments below. 😊

*These share pots were kindly sent to me by POLO® but all views are my own.

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