Easter 2013

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and happy Monday to those that don’t. 🙂

I’ve just had a lovely four day weekend. Here’s a quick run down of what I did:

Good Friday

Traditionally in the UK we eat fish on Good Friday (so my mum tells me), usually smoked haddock. I’m not a fish lover so skipped that tradition! Instead mum and I went to the cinema to see The Host, really enjoyed it, very accurate to the book. 🙂 After the cinema we went to KFC for food then to Dunelm Mills (home and ware shop) as I needed a pastry brush and Pets at Home (pet shop). Doesn’t sound very exciting but it was nice to spend time with mum. I got the pastry brush and some oven gloves.


Artur and I took a trip to Bovington tank museum with my parents. I’d not been for 10 years and he’d never been at all and he’s a bit of a military fan, like my dad so I knew he’d enjoy it.

There was an event on known as ‘Tiger Day’ in which the Tiger tank, among others are out on the track for a display. Artur did a video of the day, I’ll ask him if I can share it.

We also saw F1 commentator Murray Walker having a ride in one of the tanks and chatting outside the Tiger exhibit later on. Here’s a sneaky pic we took:

We finished off with dinner at Brewers Fayre on the way home. It was a good day 🙂

Easter Sunday

Usually this is family day and involves a yummy Sunday roast but my sister and her boyfriend were busy, but we did go visit them briefly to exchange Easter gifts.

Here’s what they gave me:

We arranged for family day to be Easter Monday, so instead Artur and I went for a ride on his motorbike around the local countryside and small towns. 🙂

Easter Monday

Today, we spent at my parents house, with them, my sister and her boyfriend. We have a yummy “Sunday roast”, playing some board games and watched a few Blu Ray’s. We also exchanged Easter presents. 🙂 It was an enjoyable day.

Easter Monday is known as Smingus Dyngus in Poland, in which traditionally the men wake up their partners by pouring a cold bucket of water on them and spanking their legs with willow branches! Nowadays they have a water fight, usually with buckets of water, apparently they aim to get the “most attractive” girl soaked… Hmm… Sounds a bit sexist to me! Haha.

I thought I’d got away with it this year, but he threw water at me when we got home from my parents later on.

How did you spend your Easter? Do you have any traditions? 🙂

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