Geeky Gift ideas

Have a geek in your life? Whether they enjoy cooking, baking, need some home decor ideas or they’re a stationery addict. This list of geeky gift ideas will have something they’ll enjoy.

Here I’m showcasing independent sellers and most cater to all fandoms(!). There might even be something here for you to add to your own letter to Santa. πŸ˜‰

Geeky Gift ideas for Foodies

Star Wars wooden spoons

You can never have enough wooden spoons when it comes to cooking or baking, right? I love the cooking theme variation of this classic Star Wars quote.

Dalek spoon rest

Keep your work tops clean with this spoon rest, With another take on a classic quote this time for Doctor Who – well punned I think.

Dinner is Coming chopping board

Yep, another pun – this time from HBO’s Game of Thrones. I think the design on this chopping board is almost too pretty to use it!

Geeky Gift ideas : Dinner is Coming chopping board

Star Wars chocolates

These are stunning – I love the metallic colouring on them. Perfect for any geeky chocoholic!

Geeky Gift ideas : Star Wars chocolates

Lord of The Rings utensils set

Every cook needs a good set of spoons and spatulas. One for each meal of the day perhaps? πŸ˜‰

Geeky Gift ideas for Tea drinkers

Mis-tea mountains tea spoon rest

“Mis-tea”, get it? πŸ˜… I actually own this one myself and love the quirky pun.

Need some tea to go with it?

Galli-Grey regeneration tea

As it says on the label – “Dalek-tible”.

When one cup isn’t enough…

Galaxy tea pot
With its simple yet effect design. This is perfect for those that are into sci-fi, astronomy or astrology.

Of course they’ll something to drink from…

Spaceship Timeline Mug

I love how the Tardis is on their twice. How many ships do you recognise?

Geeky Gift ideas : Spaceship timeline mug

Geeky Gift ideas for Book Lovers

The Hobbit – Watercolour Painting Bookmarks

I love the design of these two and actually bought a set for myself. The seller also offers them as a print!

Lego Harry Potter Earrings

Lego AND Harry Potter – what’s not to love?

Book Sleeve

A great way to keep your books in good condition But could also be used for your Kindle or Tablet.

Old Books Soy Candle

I don’t know about you but I love the smell as I walk into old book stores.

Dementor’s kiss lip balm

Pretty sure this kiss won’t suck your soul!

Bookworm paperclip

How cute? I bought this little guy for myself. 😍

Geeky gift ideas for Stationery Addicts

Circuit Board recycled notebook

A recycled circuit board notebook for the tech loving geek.

Mario Bros stickers

For the retro gamer. Perfect for decorating notebooks or bullet journals.

Pokemon gift tags

I think these are adorable and have snapped up a set to go on Christmas gifts this year.

Rainy day activity book

Three reasons I love this.

1. It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer! β€πŸ’–β€

2. Perfect for a rainy day.

3. Great for relaxing. Perhaps a new item for your own self care box?

Stormtrooper pencil roll

Rolls up for easy storage in a desk drawer or your handbag. You could also use this to store make up brushes.

Geeky gift ideas for the home

Lord of The Rings print

A lovely colourful design perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings but also a great self care quote.

Not all those who wander are lost (Lord of the Rings) print

A great Lord of the Rings quite which is also good for travel lovers. ✈

Death Star plant pot

Even Sith lords need somewhere to keep their house plants. πŸ˜›

Doctor Who cushion cover

This design is beautiful and I love that it’s not too obvious that it’s Doctor Who related.

Board Game key rack

If you’re anything like my partner you’ll put your keys down and forget about them! These gives you a safe place to keep them and the design is eye catching.

PlayStation drinks coaster

I love wooden coasters and these are great for the gamer in your life.

What was your favourite item here? Do you have any other geeky gift ideas you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments.😊

18 thoughts on “Geeky Gift ideas

  1. Jordanne / Thelifeofaglasgowgirl says:

    I am totally LOVING your picking in this gift guide hun! There are some fabulous products and I would never have thought of a gift guide idea like this, the Dr who cushion cover will be going on my wish list RIGHT NOW! and the Death Star plant pot is just awesome, would never of thought of anything like that before. This guide has been quite handy, I have been looking for some ideas for my other half so these will be brilliant.

    (Ps. If you get this comment a few times but worded differently, I am so sorry, this is my 5th time trying to comment haha)

    Jordanne //

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Jordanne! I got your comment and the others went into spam. So sorry about that! πŸ˜•

      I’m glad you liked my picks. That Doctor Who pillow is one of my favourite items, I adore the pattern. x

  2. Ruth says:

    I imagine you had a great time putting all these ideas together. That teapot is incredible! I also love the idea of the old books candle, and the bookworm paperclip is adorable.

  3. Lisa McLachlan says:

    Aw, Kim, these are sooooooo cool! I love all the LOTR stuff, I’d be happy with any of them, and Buffy would be a real trip down memory lane. You must have had so much fun curating this post – my favourite is actually the little bookworm bookmark/clip, he’s so cute! Thank you for sharing xx

    Lisa |

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Lisa! It really was a lot of fun, I love supporting independent sellers and what better way to do so. The LOTR items are some of my favourites – I might have to buy the utensils set. xx

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