Gift Ideas for Exotic Pets (and their owners)

With Christmas only a week away many people like to include their pets in the festivities, and give them special gifts or treats. Which can be quite easy if you have a fluffy animal like a dog or a cat, as there are plenty of cute gift ideas on the market. However, if you have an exotic or aquatic pet, buying presents for them can get more difficult.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I’ve owned a few exotic pets . Namely great African land snails and a tarantula, along with an aquarium. So here are some of the things I’ve bought my pets in the past, to give you a little inspiration for your less fluffy, more scaly, friends.

Tank Decorations

While your pet may not care too much about the holiday, they will still enjoy a special something. Tank decorations are a great option which gives your pet something new to explore, while freshening up their enclosure. Try decorations, such as a pool, something to climb (e.g. branches), or a new hidey-hole. Some tank decorations even feature items such as waterfalls to maintain humidity.

A few years ago we bought orange “wobbly coral” & purple anenome for our fishy friends.


Whether they’re reptilian, an invertebrate, or aquatic, there are many options available on the market. As mentioned above hidey-holes are good choices for pets such as snakes, while coloured balls can make a great toy for tortoises, chinchillas, or ferrets to bat around their enclosure. You can even get versions for aquariums too.

Update their habitat

If your pet could use a little more room, then this could be the perfect time to upgrade their home. A bigger habitat will give your pet space to grow and move around – there is nothing worse for a pet than an enclosure that’s too small for them! Another option would be to consider upgrading the equipment to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.


If there’s a luxurious food that your pet prefers, why not get them this as a treat for the holidays? For example crickets instead of meal worms for a reptile, or a juicy piece of cucumber instead of lettuce leaves for a tortoise. Or something as simple as a plate
of mixed fruits and vegetables, would be appreciated.

What about their owner?

Pet Portraits

Thinking more of their owner, a portrait of their friend would make a great keepsake. And there are many options available, from prints, to paintings, or even charcoal drawings. One of my favourite bloggers Jemma (Dorkface) offers cute family pet portraits – like the one below – which would make a great gift.

Experience Gifts

I think it’s safe to say that most pet owners are animal lovers too, and there are so many gifts on the market to get them up close with their favourites. Whether that’s tickets to a local zoo or safari park, a keeper experience, or getting to help feed their favourite animal(s), there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

My personal favourite would be a penguin feeding experience, or to swim with baby crocodiles(!). And if they’re a turtle lover I’d highly recommend the sea turtle feeding experience at Manchester’s Sea Life Centre.


Another great option is an animal adoption which directly helps the animal(s) you choose to support. Many zoos and wildlife parks offer them, along with the WWF. Just make sure to check how the money is spent, as I’ve seen some adoption programmes where only 5% – 10% goes towards helping the animal. 🙁

Do you have any other exotic pet gift ideas? Let me know in the comments. 🐢


  • Britt

    December 31, 2019 at 00:42

    You’ve got some great suggestions here.
    Another that I’ve seen done (by a friend) was the ‘perfect gift’ for the animal lover who has everything – she walked into the local shelter and paid off the adoption fees for the 3 animals that had been there the longest in the name of her family member so that they were more likely to find a loving home for the holidays.

  • Lisa

    December 29, 2019 at 16:53

    I must admit I’d never thought about buying an animal experience as a gift but that’s a brilliant idea. Flora has adopted a tiger, which she’s very proud about too 🙂 Great ideas, thank you, Kim!

  • Lauren

    December 20, 2019 at 19:37

    These are some great ideas! We always by the dogs and cats some extra special treats for
    Christmas 😊 thank you for sharing Kim xx

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