Gifts for Bakers

Ever struggle with what to get for the baker in your life? If they’re anything like me they probably already have just about every baking related thing ever invented (slight exaggeration there!).

How about a hamper full of stocking fillers like baking supplies or small items of bakeware? Or a novelty gift? I’d be happy to receive something like this and often ask for flavourings or piping nozzles in my stocking.

I’ve tried to cater to all budgets in my list.


Personalised Wooden Cupcake Spoon £8.50

Personalised ‘Big Baking Bowl’ £34.95

I have a mixing bowl like this which was my great nan’s, I love it and use it frequently. My parents actually bought me a smaller version from our local D.I.Y. store (Gardiner Haskins). This would make a great container for a hamper!

Handpainted Mini Rolling Pins £4.50 – I think these are really cute. 🙂

Cake Stands.


Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand £8.99

I LOVE and NEED this cupcake stand in my life (*hint* *hint*). You could also add little gifts to Ferris Wheel carts.

Lakeland Doctor Who Dalek Cupcake stand £19.90 – For the geeky baker.

Alice in Wonderland teacup cupcake stands £8

Vinyl Record cake stand £39

Hampers or Gift Baskets

Along with some of the smaller items I’ve already mentioned, you can include things like…

  • Sprinkles
  • Boxed mixes, cookies, cakes, cupcakes etc. I prefer the novel ones like Green’s Scooby Doo pancake kit.
  • Measuring cups or spoons
  • Spatulas
  • Oven gloves

Here are a couple of ideas of complete hampers.

Source: Pinterest (original source website no longer exists).
Source: The Tip

The main event?

If you’re looking for one main gift, how about one of these (of course check they don’t already own and will have use for it first!).

KitchenAid Stand Mixer £420.65


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