Keeping Busy

I’ve definitely been keeping busy lately with various offline (and some online) activities. Here’s what I’ve been up to when I haven’t been writing or working on my website:

Catching up on my Sky+ shows

Bones, Casualty, Teen Wolf, Holby City etc –
I haven’t caught up with season 2 of Teen Wolf yet, it’s been in my Sky+ planner for about a year now! The others I’ve been a fan of for years and with Casualty and Holby City for as long as I can remember.


Full-time, 8.30 – 5.00 with a bunch of overtime thrown in as well. Our department is getting a lot busier as of late, other branch closures etc meaning their customers are now filtered through us and I’m personally getting a much higher work load than before.

Being obsessed with Facebook

Since I got my new smart phone I’m spending a lot of my time social networking, mainly because I can do it easily from anywhere and any notifications come up as little pop ups.

House hunting

Seems like a non stop never ending task at the moment! How difficult is it to find a two bed, gas central heating, with garage and garden near to where we both work? Apparently, very!

And here’s a couple of things I should really be doing with my website:

  • Finish my “visitor” section – come up with a much better name for it
  • Finish customising my events page
  • Finish transferring my old Fan update posts to WordPress or at least go through my old Fan Update posts and add those that had an impact on my life or those that I particularly enjoyed writing about to WordPress – ongoing. You’ll see that a few entries are back but I’m not sure if I should bring them all back and mark them as old or only bring back the ones that were worth while! Thoughts?
  • Update my travels page!
  • More tags, less categories – Transferring over my Fan update entries has brought a load of categories with it, since Fan update didn’t have tag capabilities.

What do you do when you’re not blogging, reading blogs, or generally being ‘online’?

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