Moving House!

Artur and I have been busy lately, house hunting mostly,still a rented property for the time being and we’ve finally found one that suits all his our requirements:

  1. House? – Check
  2. Garden? – Check
  3. Garage? – Check
  4. Two bedrooms? – Check
  5. Bath? – Check
  6. Shower over bath? – Check
  7. Dinner room? – Technically a kitchen come dinner but check! 🙂

We move in mid June! Haven’t actually started doing any packing yet, in terms of packing up the small things – guess we should probably get started!?

Asides from moving house, we both had our birthdays, I went to another convention, he went to Spain and his mum came to England and met my parents!! Busy, busy – Will talk more about these at some point, probably after the move. 🙂 Pictures of the new house also will probably follow!

Kim x

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