Post race thoughts from my first 5km Race4Life 

I did it! I completed my 5km for Cancer Research UK’s Race4Life! 😀

… I was feeling very nervous this morning and spent my day at work dreading it. It felt like all those exams I had in school and when I took my driving test. I was so nervous, I thought about if it rained, if I slipped, if I fell on my bum. Thankfully only the rain part happened and not for very long. 🙂 It rained as we walked to the starting line, as I was running towards the 3rd kilometre marker and on the walk back to the car.

Once I got lined up with the hundreds of women also running, jogging or walking Race4Life 2017, I forgot about nerves. The atmosphere was superb and I’m very thankful to the marshals who cheered me on or rang bells or gave me a high five on my way round.

I went out there today wanting to run 5km in 45 minutes and I did it in 44 minutes 40 seconds  (according to the board) and 44 minutes 11 seconds according to my Strava app. Either way I came under my time and am hugely proud of myself. I also made over my £200 target in donations (I actually upped my target to £300 in the end), so thank you to everyone that donated and special thanks to Ryan, my dad, my mum and my friend Kelly who came along tonight to cheer me on.

If you would like to donate, you still can! Please visit my Just Giving page here.

Here’s to the next race! 🏅🏃


  • Carolynne

    July 9, 2017 at 02:00

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Congrats. I love the action shots of you running. That is so so cool. You rock.

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