Healthy snacking with Weight Watchers chocolate selection box 

I’ve been following the Weight Watchers plan since January 2012 and got to gold (my goal weight) the following September. I managed to maintain my goal weight until March 2015 where I put nearly all the weight I’d lost back on! 🙁

I’m on back on track and volunteer at meetings, helping the coach set up the room, handling cash and card sales etc. As such, I get to see new products when they’re put out for sale and one of the newest products is the chocolate selection box. 

Each selection box includes 4 of the Weight Watchers treat bars (listed below) and is a great way to sample some of their selection without purchasing a box, not knowing if you’ll like it.

The chocolate selection box includes:

  • 1x Chocolate brownie
  • 1x Sticky toffee 
  • 1x Chocolate orange crisp
  • 1x Crispy cookie

At £2.15 a box it is good value for money and is inline with the pricing for the other boxes of treats offered in meetings, however the usual boxes contain 5 treats and I would prefer the selection box if it came with 5 bars too – one for each day of my working week.  

What I like about these selection boxes and the treats as a whole is that the bars are individually wrapped for easy portion control and just 2 SmartPoints values per bar. Perfect as a snack for when you need something sweet.

I think Weight Watchers should offer more of these selection boxes in the meetings so their members can sample other products too.

From this selection box my favourites were the chocolate brownie and the sticky toffee! I’ve already bought boxes of each for home, they’ve been a life saver when I’m craving something sweet to eat – chocolate bars can range from 10 – 16 smart points very per!!

I wasn’t keen on the chocolate orange one, but I don’t tend to like chocolate orange treats in general. Ryan really enjoyed it though and the Crispy cookie even more so. He’s asked that I buy a box at my next meeting. 😉

NB: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Weight Watchers and all opinions are my own.

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