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Hello! You may have noticed a lot of down time on my website lately, long story short, I was over the bandwidth available for the package I was on! It’s now been upgraded and I’m back. 🙂 There’s a bunch of updates I want to do and some things I want to finish with my website, more on that later.

My “online” life lately has been spent social networking: Facebook, Twitter, fourms and as I’ve gotten back into baking lately, I’ve been browsing/using the Cut Out + Keep craft site a lot, which has been around since 2007.

Here’s a few of my most recent “projects” – mostly baking…


Halloween cupcakes 2013 – Made some for a Halloween movie night for 2013 and some were taken to Hallowhedon 5 (a Joss Whedon convention). Forgot to take a picture on the Halloween themed cupcake stand – doh!


Christmas cake made to look like a Christmas pudding – I wanted to make a Christmas pudding but no one I know likes the taste! I found a similar cake on the Lakeland website, this is my take on it. I used their medium hemisphere pans (so mine is a lot smaller than the one they made). I used a 4 egg recipe.


My dad asked me to make him a gingerbread house for Christmas, he bought me the ingredients… I made and decorated it. A bunch of input from my partner, it nearly got scrapped a few times lol.


Christmas themed cupcakes, made for a Christmas/New Year’s celebration at my house.


Giant Minnie Mouse cupcake, made for my sister’s birthday December 2013 🙂


Buffy ‘B’ made from Hama Beads. This was a birthday present for a friend and took about two hours to complete!

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