Summer Self Care Ideas

When it comes to self care I love to be cosy and comfortable. Picture warm fires, comfy blankets, cosy PJs, fuzzy socks, and hot chocolate; which, let’s face it, don’t mix too well with Summer. The heat makes many of these things impractical – unless we’re experiencing a particularly wet and windy day, of course! Still, I find that switching up my self care routine in the Summer months, helps me enjoy and appreciate the warmer weather a little more. This could be by spending more time outdoors, cooling down with an ice-cold drink, or getting out on the water. The idea is to make the most of the longer days and warmer weather as much as possible.

Because, even though Summer is my least favourite season, I have to admit there are some things I find easier to do in the warmer months. Especially when it comes to outdoor Summer self care activities, like hiking, or picnics in the park… So if you’re also looking to switch up your self care routine this Summer, I hope these ideas help inspire you and let you enjoy the sunshine a little more.

Summer Self Care Ideas

Get Outside

If there’s one thing I enjoy about Summer it’s the longer days, as it means more time outside. Whether that’s going for a walk or a hike, exploring my local town, or simply sitting out in the garden. I always feel calmer when I’m outside surrounded by nature.

Refresh your bath time routine

When it’s colder out I love a warm bubble bath, but when it’s hot? Not so much. Instead, I’ll opt for cool, refreshing baths or showers and take time to pamper myself. Whether that’s using a bath bomb or bubble melt from Lush, one of my favourite shower bombs or using essentials oils to scent the bathroom. It’s about whatever feels good for you!… When I’m finished I’ll usually use a body scrub and moisturiser to make my skin feel nice and smooth.

Enjoy Summer Desserts

When it’s hot out the last thing you want to do is stand in front of a hot oven! Right? Thankfully there are many other ways to enjoy dessert without baking one; some of my favourites include no-bake cheesecakes, homemade ice cream or ice lollies and jelly.

Have A Movie Night

If you’re in the UK, the chances are there will be a few rainy days, which is the perfect opportunity for a cosy movie night in. With snacks of course! You could even check out a drive-in or outdoor cinema.

Watch The Sunset (or Rise)

I’ve been enjoying going for daily walks this year, but as it’s getting warmer out I find myself taking more evening walks to so I can catch the sunset. I love watching the sky changing colour, listening to the birds sing and dart over our house and snapping a few photos here and there.

Try Gardening

Taking care of a garden can be a great way to relax, enjoy the outdoors and get some sunshine. Even if you don’t own a garden there may be a community garden or allotment nearby that you could join in with. It can also be a great way to bond with your family – we often do some gardening together – or even make new friends. If you don’t have access to a garden, you could try bringing the outdoors in and place some house plants on your windowsill instead.

Dine Alfresco

Summer is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy a picnic in the park or barbeque in your garden. It’s a nice break from your daily routine and gets you outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine too. And as the night’s get a little chillier there’s always the chance to get cosy around a firepit (if you have one).

Get Active

During the colder months, I tend to do more at home exercises, but in the Summer I enjoy the outdoors; whether that’s swimming in the outdoor pool, hiking, getting out on the water or even running. The only drawback I find is the chance of overheating or getting sunburnt, so make sure you keep hydrated and use sun protection.

Find Community Events

Search online or in your local newspaper for events going on near you. You consider outdoor movies, carboot sales, local festivals, farmer’s markets, and more. Making fun plans like this can help you feel excited for the warmer months ahead, and gives you something to look forward to.

Embrace your inner child

What was your favourite Summer activity as a child? Riding bikes? A trip to the beach or amusement arcade? Visiting a theme park? Having a picnic in the park? Whatever it is, take some time out to rediscover your playful side and enjoy some fun-filled activities.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Play mini golf
  • Go to a water park or theme park
  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Play video games at an amusement arcade
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Go camping
  • Feed the ducks
  • Have a water balloon toss/fight

Spend time near water

I’m not sure why but I always feel so much calmer when I’m near, or out on the water, whether that’s trying out watersports, , or even simply a walk by the riverside (or ocean).

Stay Hydrated

Making sure to drink enough water is important year round, but when you’re perspiering in the Summer heat, it’s even more important as your body will lose water more quickly. Dehydration can quickly sap your brains energy, affecting it’s ability to produce serotonin and increasing stress in the body. Even something like tea or squash is a great alternative.

Go Stargazing.

When I was little my family and I used to go for walks in our village and enjoy a spot of stargazing. Some night’s my dad even set up his old telescope for us to get a closer look at the night’s sky. It still remains one of my favourite outdoor activities to do at home.

Finally, Learn to Say ‘No’

Learning when, and how, to say ‘no’ is one of the most important forms of self care. It helps us to set boundaries for ourselves, and prevents us from becoming physically or emotionally exhausted. And with so many Summer activities on offer it can be very easy to say ‘yes’ to everything; and everyone. But you don’t have to! Think about your own needs – if you simply don’t have the time, energy, or money; then be OK saying ‘no’.
What are your favourite Summer self care activities? Do you any other Summer self care ideas to add? Please share them in the comments. 🌞


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