Tesco Clubcard boost : PS4 for less than £200

Tesco Clubcard boost is a seasonal scheme where clubcard customers can double can double up clubcard vouchers (minimum of £5.00) and use them to spend in store or online on specific ranges of products.

For those who aren’t familiar: Clubcard vouchers are earned when scanning your clubcard or entering your details online when making purchases online at Tesco. You can read all about the scheme and how it works in this Tesco clubcard boost booklet.

Two Christmases ago (2013), I used the Tesco clubcard boost against a Hudl (Tesco branded tablet) as a present, this year (Spring / Summer 2015), games consoles are included in the offer as well.

I counted up my vouchers and have around £50s worth! Doubled up this was around £100 – I’d been saving them for the past year and a half. I also had a Tesco gift card from a recent Sky subscription renewal as well.

What did I buy? A brand new Sony Playstation (PS) 4! Which only cost around £170.

Next game on my ‘wish list’ is Lego Jurassic World. 😉


The Tesco Clubcard boost is also offered at Christmas, which helps with my Christmas present or Christmas food shopping.

I’m also a member of the Nectar points reward scheme but haven’t utilised it much.

What reward schemes would you recommend? Do you use Tesco Clubcard boost?

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