Hermy died :(

In my last post I wrote how it didn’t look like my tarantula wasn’t going to survive and this past week she has passed, I’m surprised she hung on as long as she did. 🙁 R.I.P. Hermy. I’m not sure if I’ll get another tarantula.

I’ve been working a lot lately, new job is going OK. Not really what I see myself doing but the pay is good and the people at work our nice (except one individual who does little work and stinks due to smoking heavily).

I’ve done a few things with my neglected website today – I’ve had media shelf on my server for ages but never finished customising it so I’ve been working on that today, also since my general aim for my website is to be more about my hobbies I’ve been looking into creating an area where I list any upcoming conventions I’m going to. A thought in progress but there maybe info on guests, any cosplaying etc. Any suggestions welcome.

Speaking of conventions I have two/three coming up if the next couple of weeks – a signing event known as Memorabilia which is in Birmingham, another called The Entertainment Media Show & Collectormania London which as the name suggests will be held in London. I’m also debating going to The Vampire Ball as I’m a very big Buffy and Angel fan, I also quite like True Blood but I’ve heard the organiser has a funny way of doing things – talks at the same time as autos/photos and you can miss your auto/photo slot… Also I’m planning on buying a silver ticket for an event next May that happens to have Richard Dean Anderson in attendance! Maybe I should stop being a fan of so many things(?)

Kim x