Restoring a vintage wicker shelving unit

full_20140129_1931421454518576This wicker shelving unit has been in my parents house for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure how old it is, but it was my Gran’s.

It used to be in my parents living room, then when I moved out, made its way to my bedroom for storage. I’ve always liked it and was told take it or we’re binning it (!) – so I did. 🙂

It was in good condition, but needed some TLC… and a clean lol.

First I vacuumed it with a small bristle brush attachment, then went over the smaller nooks and crannies with an old tooth brush. Then I used a clean cloth and the toothbrush with some warm water and diluted mild soap to clean it. I dabbed it to dry up most of the water with a dry cloth, then let it dry overnight.

One method to reviving wicker is to paint it, but I want it to be as much to the original as possible, so decided staining it in the original colour, which is “blonde”/almost pine in colour, would be great. I did some reading and the majority of websites recommend oil based stains for wicker.

Before staining, tidy up any loose strands of the wicker with a small pair of scissors. You could use nail scissors.

For the staining, use a clean cloth and wear gloves. Stain can be fummey, so I’d recommend doing it outside if weather premits and undercover – you don’t want to get the wicker wet!

Leave it to dry for 24-48 hours before using it. Now we have a lovely piece of “new” furniture. 🙂



Cost: £0.00

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