Best for Breakfast – Cheltenham & Swindon

I know I’ve touched on this before with my favourite places to eat in Cirencester post, but wanted to talk about my favourite places to eat a bit further afield. Namely in Cheltenham and Swindon which I go to often for shopping and cinema trips.

Best for breakfast around Cirencester


There are two places we usually go for breakfast in Cheltenham; Fresh Crust pasty shop and Bill’s. We’ve been going to Fresh Crust pasty shop for years now, back when it was in Cheltenham’s Beechwood shopping centre and now with its shop in Regent Street. I highly recommend it. Bill’s on the other hand is relatively new for us.

The food at Fresh Crust is very reasonably priced and the staff are very friendly, they also offer a hot drink loyalty scheme. Simply, you purchase 10 hot drinks and get the next one free. We’ve gone through many loyalty cards over the years!

Bill’s offers a traditional full English breakfast option, and a vegetarian option. There’s also a range of egg dishes such as eggs benedict, pancakes and bacon or sausage in a brioche roll. I love toasted brioche buns so that’s what I’ll usually go for.

There is also a lunch and dinner menu but we’ve not been there at those times so I can’t comment.

They serve hot and cold drinks and offer complimentaryice water served in a carafe water jug. 

You can also buy the jams, sauces and marmalades they use from Bill’s online shop as well some branded products. 


September 2019 update – Brogan’s has recently changed hands. I was unimpressive with both the quality of the food and the service. Half the cafe was closed and only a handful of the ceiling lights were working. It’s such a shame as we used to love it here. Looking for new Swindon recommendations!

I can’t remember when we stumbled upon Brogan’s in Swindon, we were looking for somewhere to go for a coffee in between shopping and past it on our way to the next shop. We’ve been back ever since.

Brogan’s may look small from the outside but boasts a large seating area upstairs and the staff are also very helpful and friendly. They also offer a waitress service for food.

The breakfast menu includes a traditional full English  (I think everywhere in England does! πŸ˜‰ ), continental breakfast options and various egg dishes. I usually have the cream cheese bagel or the pancakes served with maple syrup and a rasher of bacon, mum on the other hand favours the eggs benedict and dad speaks very highly of Brogan’s breakfast – a larger portion of the traditional full English. 

They sell hot and cold drinks including, fizzy pop, juice, tea, coffee and fruit teas, as well as a range of specialist hot chocolates including Cadbury’s Caramel, Galaxy chocolate etc. I haven’t tried them but dad really enjoyed his Caramel one. 

Brogan’s also offer a lunch menu and eat in (or take-away) ice cream cones, I loved the mint chop chip ice cream I had, they let you choose your own toppings!

Where do you like to eat for breakfast? Have you been to any of these, if you live nearby?

You may have noticed three of my favourite breakfast places start with ‘B’, Made by Bob, Bill‘s and Brogan‘s, so we affectionately referred to them as ‘The three B’s for breakfast’. 


  • heidi

    January 12, 2020 at 12:14

    Hi, if you’re after a cooked breakfast there is a cafe in Cricklade which does a fantastic one. You can select what you have and it’s priced accordingly. Last year I made a new years resolution to find the best breakfast around and this cafe so far has it hands down πŸ™‚

  • Georgie

    March 7, 2017 at 23:02

    I love eating breakfast out! Usually most cafes have the same thing (eggs on toast plus vegetables, and there are also pastries, breads, etc.) but it’s nice when a place puts their own spin on something. I’m not sure how popular breakfast eateries are where you live but they are pretty common in Australia.

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