Cancer Research UK’s Race4Life | My First 5K

I’ve been increasing my exercise recently by running routes around my home town. I’ve been running little over a month now and went from being barely able to run 1km to now running 4km without stopping. 🙂 

I signed up for Cancer Research UK’s Race4Life on 8th June and my aim is to run 5km in 45 minutes and I’m track to meet that target having run 4km in 33 minutes today, which is my personal best so far. I track my progress on Strava if anyone would like to follow me.

As well as the race I will be fundraising by holding a pub quiz and raffle tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it and hope to raise a lot of money for the charity, I have had a lot of support so far from family and friends with online through my JustGiving page and offline donations, and Ryan has been very supportive with the running part. He often comes with me on runs and has helped me to increase my pace.

Cancer Research UK is a charity very close to me, as the disease has affected someone very close to me; my Auntie Val who has been battling with breast cancer. 

When you sign up for Race4Life they give you a sponsorship package (mine arrived last week) with stickers, sponsorship forms and your running number but also a sign so you can write who you’re running for and, my auntie’s name will be on mine. 🙂

I’ll update you all with how the race was, how I got on fundraising and what my race time was in a few weeks. Wish me luck? 🤞


  • Cristina Cocioaba

    May 28, 2017 at 08:27

    Congrats on increasing the distance for your runs. It’s amazing. I am trying to get in shape too <3.

    I am glad that you received such a big support for the fundraising. You are doing something amazing. I am proud of you.

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