Euro Militaire 2016

Last year I spoke about an annual modelling show that my family and I attend in Kent; Euro Militaire. I also mentioned I’d been going more or less every year since I was 6 or 7… but I’ve actually be going since I was 5, as my mum corrected me throughout the weekend. She also reminded me that the first time I came here I was carrying around a Gizmo cuddly toy (from Gremlins).

Dad is working hard on a steam punk tank to enter into the show and had hoped to have it ready for next year’s competition (2017), but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be ready until the following year due to the amount of work content involved and the intricate details.

The model is a steam powered tank based on an MKIV and designed as if it was a working tank in the Victorian era. I really like the concept and look forward to seeing it completed; below are a few in progress photos of the bottom of the vehicle. It is scratch built with some components turned on his lathe.

This year’s competition entries were lower than previous years but the standard has gone up and my dad has serious competition in the fantasy scratch build class (like the model below).

There were also new classes introduced this year for maritime and aviation.

The show was down on traders this year too, in my opinion, but there were some familiar faces back this year that hadn’t attended last year. The traders offer a wide range of products across the hobby such as kits, paints, bases, glues, work bench equipment etc.

There was no raffle this year, that I saw, but there was an auction raising money for The British Legion. There were less military displays too but there were some modelling clubs in attendance who brought their models (not for the competition) for you to have a look at.

Here are a few of my favourites (from the competition room) – click on each to see the full size image.


The ‘Best in Show’ winner

Besides the model show we also met up with some familiar faces and a family friend who we met at our first show. I did a bit of retail therapy and we took a walk down the old high street to the harbour to see how it had changed (there was some development work going on last year).

We took a ride in the Leas Cliff Lift from the harbour and sea front back up to the hall.

The information centre & tracks going up the hill

The Leas Cliff Lift opened in 1885 and is a means to transport the public up and down the cliff. The cart at the bottom of the track fills with water white the cart at top empties its tank; the weight of the two carts cause the heavier cart to be lifted up the cliff.

View from the bottom cart

The weather wasn’t great on Saturday  – rainy and a bit chilly – but was lovely and sunny on Sunday. Funnily, this is the first time I can recall it raining at the show, usually it’s dry but still chilly. I’m glad I packed my coat and boots!

View of The Channel


  • Karin

    September 22, 2016 at 11:10

    That’s really cool! I can’t imagine all the work that must’ve gone into making these models :O My boyfriend is very much into both military history and models, so he would’ve loved being there.

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