International Women’s Day 2014

March 8th was International women’s day, not a holiday we celebrate in the UK. I’d not even heard of it until Artur told me about it.

They celebrate it in Poland and it’s customary to buy a small gift for the women in your life (partners, mums, sisters etc). Not that we’ve ever celebrated it like that together, or in anyway really.

This year, however, we went to Weston-Super-Mare with my parents. The main draw was for my dad and Artur to see The Helicopter Museum. I’d gotten tickets via Groupon in January. My first Groupon purchase!

Now, my parents told me I’d been to the museum before, but it was when I was very young. I didn’t remember it. The museum was, to be expected, full of helicopters. Artur and my dad had a great time telling mum and I what helicopters were which, which were from which countries etc. It was actually a really good time and we all had fun. 🙂 We also had breakfast in the little cafe there and tea (the latter which was included with the Groupon).

We’re planning to go back to the museum in July for their Stars of time convention.

Once, we’d finished in the museum, we went into Weston town centre, spent a lot of time on The Grand Pier and some time shopping – we prefer the ‘old town’ to the high street shops so that’s where we started and spent most of our time.

We also, had lunch in a restaurant near the sea front, which has always been my favourite as a child and then we played crazy golf! It was a bit windy to go on the beach though, so that’ll be later in the year.

Pictures will follow, once Artur’s uploaded them from his camera… Knowing him, that could be a while. 😉

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