Paris Trip – Day 2 – Catacombs, museums and pretty lights

Catch up on Day 1 of our Paris trip here!

We started off day 2 of our trip with breakfast from the bakery near our hotel and caught the metro to our first destination – The Catacombs of Paris. We arrived just before 11am and there was already a queue forming. We expected to queue as the website advised hour waits were likely during busy periods… 3 hours later(!) we finally got to the end of the queue. I think they need to update their website. 😉

The Catacombs were a very interesting and at times, creepy experience. They were worth queuing for in my opinion, we took a lot of photos but wish we’d opted for a tour guide or the audio guide. I did pick up a souvenir coin and a magnet.

We spent about an hour in The Catacombs and were starving when we came out so found a local cafe to have lunch in, Croque Monsieur and a soft drink followed by dessert at a bakery who were selling meringue skulls and bones.

After lunch we made a quick dash to the Musee D’Orsay, we’d booked tickets in advance so beat the queues and I was able to see the Van Gogh exhibit and some of my favourite paintings. He’s my favourite painter . We looked around the other exhibits and Kelly was slightly disappointed as she was expecting to see the Mona Lisa , which is actually in Le Lourve, we headed there next but it was closed by the time we got there; we did get some great photos of the pyramid though. 🙂

We walked up the River Seine towards the Eiffel Tower and stopped on a bridge with a great view to wait for it to light up at dusk (8pm), it was a half hour wait and got very windy and cold, but definitely worth it!

Day 3 to follow soon – Disneyland Paris!

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