Mother’s Day at Longleat Safari Park

Yesterday was Mother’s day in the UK so we took a trip to Longleat Safari Park. Mum had been hinting at wanting to go to their for weeks. 🙂 To keep the suspense we took a detour through Westonbirt but as soon as she saw the lion signs the secret was out

We bought our discounted tickets online to benefit from the online discount. As I was going through the checkout we found out mum’s could get in free which I thought was a great idea. Nice one Longleat! 🙂

We headed for the Safari first and hopped on the Safari bus. If you’ve never been to Longleat they have a money drive through which can be chaotic! The cheeky monkeys have been known to steal windscreen wipers and drink screen wash. Thankfully, there’s also a bypass route if you do want to drive your own car around.

After the safari we explored other areas of the park, took a river boat cruise to the silver back gorillas island and fed the sea lions on our way round. Which was very enjoyable.

The penguin enclosure was fantastic! I had penguins right by my feet as it was a walk through enclosure. Penguins are my favourite animal (if you didn’t know!) so I was in my element.

Longleat is great for families with the Adventure castle, hedge maze, Postman village and opportunities to handle and feed some of the animals. I have held their tarantulas in the past.

The Batcave is not for the faint hearted! The bats are free roaming which means they may land on you…! There are also are signs warning you to check your bags, hoods etc before leaving the cave.

We stopped for lunch in the cafe inside Longleat house where they were serving a delicious Sunday roast! There are also many areas to sit down for a picnic which I’d recommend to enjoy the scenery around Longleat.

Longleat house is a day out in itself with guided tours, house and art exhibitions and the stunning gardens. I’d highly recommend a visit as we didn’t manage to see it all in one day but it gives us another reason to come back. As if we needed any more. 😉

Have you ever been to Longleat? Do you brave the monkey enclosure in your own car?! Let me know in the comments.


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