Creating our home gym

I’ve been working on my daily routines this past year including improve my sleep schedule and morning routine. I have also been making an effort to eat healthier and exercise more.

In the Summer months I threw on my work out gear and went for a run around our neighbourhood or made use of outdoor gyms. I also completed my first 5km race and a muddy obstacle race for charity.

Now the weather has gotten colder I find myself staying in and doing more exercise at home. The most important part of working out at home is having enough space to safely do your workouts.

Unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated space for working and have both been using our living room. Which isn’t ideal. We both wanted somewhere we could listen to our work out playlists and use work out dvds or videos without disrupting each other.

Our spare bedroom was the perfect option. Which has been home to our games consoles for the past two years. Along with a second television, two gaming chairs and a side table.

It was our games room but slowly turned into a dumping ground for other things. We found we were using the room less and less and even moved our two main consoles to the living room.

Please excuse the rather blurry before photos! They were quick snaps as we moved furniture around and I got told (more than once) to put the camera away. 😅 Anyone else have that problem?

Our small home gym

Ryan bought a weight bench recently along with a bar and weights. Being the largest piece of equipment we decided to put that in the room first and plan the rest around it.

I want a treadmill or a spin exercise bike so I can work on cardio at home when it’s too wet or cold to go for a run around our estate. Like now! Due to space I’ll probably purchase the latter and I’m looking for one that folds up for easier storage.

Our weight bench

To protect the carpet from any scuffs while we’re working out we’re looking at laying down some foam titles which I found in Morissons. They come in black or multicoloured and will be perfect for what we need.

We placed a small shelving unit in the corner of the room with a small basket to store our hand weights, gloves, running belt, gym towels, Ryan’s skipping rope and my workout sheets. We also have a little Bluetooth speaker set up so we can easily listen to our work out playlists.

Our second TV found a home on the top shelf (which you can just about see it in the above photo), and is perfect for using with my workout DVDs or for online workout videos.

Unfortunately living in a rental we’re unable to hang artwork on the wall but I’m hoping to use some of the shelf space for one (or more!) of these prints which I’ll pop in a frame.

Source 😂

I love having our own space to focus on working out with no distractions and it will come in handy in the Winter months.

How do you keep fit at home? Do you have a space dedicated to working out?


  • Barnaby

    January 4, 2019 at 11:54

    A home gym would be great. My wife and myself frequently work out to keep healthy but need to dedicate one room for the equipment really.

  • Leo Tat

    April 20, 2018 at 10:32

    I used to have gym equipment like yours at home. It was convenient as I can work out at 9 or 10 pm in the evening which I wouldn’t do in a local gym.

    Now that we’ve moved to a smaller place I can’t fit in the equipment so joined a gym instead. However, I now swim a lot instead. There is an outside pool so yesterday I swam outside and sunbathed. If only this sunny weather can last.

    1. Kim

      September 3, 2018 at 17:26

      An outside pool sounds perfect! We have one near us but it’s usually full of families so not much use as exercise, but I do enjoy going to the pool at our local leisure centre.

  • Georgie

    March 19, 2018 at 11:56

    Hey Kimmy! It’s been a while but I’m just catching up on everyone’s blogs. Getting married and going away and moving to the city has just meant I haven’t been able to read my friends’s blogs for the better part of a year. 😦 This post enticed me because, well, it’s about fitness, and I’m into that! 😜

    I think it’s great that you created your own gym at home. You didn’t mention anything about gyms in your area, so I’m wondering if that was an option or if you really just wanted the ease of working out at home. 😄 Either way, I think it does save money in the long run. I have a friend who lives too far from any gym so he set up a gym at home. I don’t mind the environment of a public gym and I don’t live in a place big enough to have a home gym, but I wonder how much the equipment might be. I saw a rack of weights at a sports store, but all the weights were actually too light for my husband so they wouldn’t be useful for him at all! I dunno, maybe gym equipment is more readily available where you are, haha.

    I don’t enjoy doing cardio very much and if so, I think I’d generally prefer to go outside. Though I know it’s not ideal when the weather is bad.

    Good luck keeping up with your at-home gym 🙂

  • Merkitty

    November 14, 2017 at 13:48

    I wish I had a room I could just turn into a home gym, unfortunately our treadmill and weights are in the dining room and living room. Looks good though!

  • Andy Parsons

    November 12, 2017 at 18:14

    Nice, looks really lovely 🙂 I have also thought of making my own home gym. Maybe next year? My buddy has a home gym and it’s really cool + he doesn’t have to wait for the equipment to be free, which is sometimes quite annoying on public gyms, especially in the rush hours 😛

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