What’s in my bag?

My new cross body bag arrived in the post today! It’s by Fossil and is part of their oilcloth key-per range, my last bag was also this brand but I’ve worn it out. 🙁


As I was transferred my stuff from my old bag to my new bag, I decided to make note of what I carry with me on a daily basis.

  1. My Fossil brand purse – self explanatory
  2. Miniture deodorant – for after the gym
  3. Hairbands – again, self explanatory
  4. Perfume
  5. Lip balm / gloss
  6. Vaseline
  7. Nivea moisturising cream
  8. Pens and a pencil
  9. Hairbrush
  10. Loose change
  11. One of Ryan’s inhaler – he has a habit of leaving it at home when we got out anywhere so I keep one on me just in case
  12. Glasses case
  13. Weight Watchers smart points calculator
  14. Headphones case with headphones inside
  15. Fold up shopping bag (not pictured)
  16. The flowery tin contains “lady items”


Not too much and not really anything too exciting or out of the ordinary. I also carry out my clock in card for work and some vouchers (not pictured) and usually plasters, blister pads and painkillers but I need to stock up, luckily it’s our biweekly shop tomorrow!

I used to have a diary / planner but now I used my phone’s calendar for scheduling and the note app it has if I need to write anything down.

I do think a small cosmetic bag might help keep everything more organised. My old worn out bag had a zip up pocket on the outside for things like that which this one is lacking. Thoughts?

What’s in your bag? If you carry one.

Side note: I also have a going out clutch where I found yet more pens, hairbands,  one of Ryan’s inhalers and some pain killers then there’s my rucksack which usually has a collection of Sharpie pens inside (it’s my convention / weekend away bag).

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