Can’t decide which Christmas film to watch?

In our house we can never decide which Christmas film to watch and often discussions get quite heated! It’s silly really. This year we decided to let fate decide and put the name of every Christmas film we enjoy on a piece of card, folded it up and placed it in a little stocking that will live by our tv for the festive season.

The idea is that whenever we want to watch a Christmas film this season, we will randomly draw one from the stocking. So far it’s working out very well and we like the surprise. So far we’ve watched Gremlins, Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone and Home Alone 2, Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2 and Nativity. I also watched The Muppets Christmas Carol with my dad as it’s one of our favourites.


  • Have at least 24 films in the stocking, one for each day of advent.
  • If we draw a sequel out of the stocking, e.g. Home Alone 2, we watch the original first.
  • The decision is final! Whichever film is drawn out of the stocking is the one we watch (the exception is sequels – see above). 

You could also wrap up all the Christmas films you own and open one a day throughout advent but this doesn’t help the sequel issue or wanting to watch a film you may have digitally, for example on Netflix. 

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