Hallowhedon 2: Cosplay Experience

Hallowhedon 2 (Massive Event’s second 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the Halloween weekend in style, and the various hit television series created by Joss Whedon) was my first cosplay experience, I went as Firefly mechanic Kaylee Frye played by the lovely Jewel Staite who was a guest of the convention that weekend. She asked what costume I was wearing to the Halloween party, to which she said “Well, that’s obviously my favourite costume”, when I told her I was being Kaylee.

I knew I wanted to be Kaylee for the event (I tried for Hallowhedon the year before but time became an issue) and decided that I’d cosplay her teddy bear overalls for the Halloween party (I also ended up staying in the costume all day Sunday—we’ll come to that later). I wanted the costume as accurate as possible, I think the hardest part of the costume for me was the sewing (the overalls needed altering—cutting the sleeves off, taking them in etc) and finding the exact bear patch, I knew it existed and trawled through zillions of cosplay and Firefly sites trying to find a UK seller for it, or a USA seller that wouldn’t charge me a huge amount in postage, eventually it got re-listed on ebay.com by a seller that shipped to the UK for pretty cheap! :D Funnily the hardest part was also the most fun except for actually getting to wear it at the convention. I also had a toy spanner/wrench. I managed to finish the costume two days before the convention in the end.

Halloween party

The Halloween party started at around 20:30 and was on the Saturday night, I knew beforehand that there would be a couple of other people in Firefly related costumes (Jayne and another Kaylee—pilot episode version). We’d planned to find each other at the party and have some pictures taken—it turned out we weren’t the only three in Firefly costumes!

First “Jayne” and I found a River and got our picture taken with her then more people asked for pictures, our picture can be found at (taken by Giles G Photography (I bought a copy but can’t scan it in 🙁 )

Then we found Kaylee, then Mal, then Wash, then another River, another Kaylee, Inara… you get the idea, we had almost a complete set (no Zoe, Simon or Sheperd Book), we went out side for more room and took pictures of our group, we also had a crowd of people wanting to take pictures too!


Found another Kaylee, in the dress from the episode ‘Shindig‘, she was adorable!


We also found The hands of blue and had pictures with them too, not sure whose idea it was for the photos to be taken in front of a mirror though! Sorry for the glare on this picture.

Two by two, hands of blue.

We tried to get a picture with Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk who was also at the Convention (he plays Wash) but they were being hounding for photos by other attendees! So, I decided I’d get photo shoots with them Sunday morning as Kaylee.

Sunday of the convention—Halloween

Had my picture taking with both Alan then Jewel in my Kaylee costume and then proceeded to wear it all day (I wasn’t the only person in a costume—it was officially Halloween).

One comment for myself came from the lovely Alan who on as I walked up to him for my photo shoot said “Hey, it’s Kaylee and she’s in her work gear! Awesome!”, then proceed to put his arm around me, Jewel however, didn’t comment on the costume but acknowledged it with a nod and a grin.

For the rest of the day, I kept getting comments on my costume and was lucky enough to win a guest encounter with Jewel which is you and 11 other attendees in a room drinking tea, eating biccies and having a random natter. We talked about her work, Firefly, Bones, Dollhouse, ourselves etc (her husband was also in the guest encounter).

I had a fantastic weekend and can’t wait for Hallowhedon 3 this year, why does October have to be so far away?

More photos:

Mal and Wash
Kaylee and I with Vamp Willow


All images (c) Kim. C, please don’t use them without my permission, thank you.

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